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It started with a conversation.


Erin and Mandy know each other through the Supernatural area of the Southwest Popular and American Culture Conference. Erin contributed an essay to Death in Supernatural, a collection Mandy co-edited with Susan Nylander (available from online retailers now!).  More than once, they have had lengthy and wide-ranging discussions on anything from Supernatural to novels to publishing.


So, when Mandy sent Erin this message: "I'm only 5 minutes into the first episode of Good Omens, and I already have ideas for projects," Erin was not remotely surprised. While it might not have been five minutes later that they both concluded: "We should do a book on this," it wasn't much longer. 

This essay collection seeks and invites analyses of either the Amazon Prime series, the novel, or both. See the Call For Proposals page for more details. 

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